My opinion on stuff

We need less FPS style guns and shit and more DnD or Shadowrun kinda stuff. Table RPG kinda stuff.

And I’m dead serious.

How would you imagine to do that?

There’s no way to do it, it’s just what I think GMod RP needs.

@Schumacher: That’s awesome, but I can’t see how a Cake edit is relevant?

That’s not mine, and I don’t think it has anything to do with cakescript,

From the video description.

No no no, that means that the guy who made it ate cake while he was creating this.

Just kidding.

It dont look`s like cakescipt :confused:

It’s an expression, I think. Not actual cakescript. What he means is, if a simple RP gamemode was cake, the food, this would be much more “tastier” aka Better, get it?