My opinions on Blueprints/Research Kits

I think the way Research Kits are going is great (Research Kits consume, also paper and the studied item are deleted), because it’s logical that once you unmount an item, it doesn’t work anymore.
However, I think Blueprints shouldn’t be destroyed once learned. I mean, when you look at your lessons, do they disappear? As it is just a blueprint, it should be kept once learned.

What do you think about this?

True about blueprints, that they shouldn’t disappear when used, but then the same can be said about research kits.
Your lab equipment doesn’t disappear once is used once. We already have paper that is used up when we research something.

Yeah, I’m not excited by Research Kits consuming because that’s illogical. When I remove a part of an object with a screwdriver, the screwdriver doesn’t break INSTANTLY.

They should maybe add Research Kits decay.