My outdoor mapping practicing

I have always mapped interiors, but never outdoor areas.

This is why i started to practice some outdoor mapping about a week ago.

I wanted to use jungle theme in my exercise, and this is what i have managed to do so far
(I have also done my very first carving in this exercise, without problems! woohoo! ):

(That hole in the ceiling is carved.)

As usually, feedback is always greatly appreciated.

Ps. yes, i’m still working with those silent hill - maps and with Biohazard X: Source.

I love that aeroplane model, it’s the one which is in two parts right?

You’ve made a good use of it, but I’d suggest having some flattened trees and debris to make it look more like it crash landed… Also set some shit on fire. :v:

But it’s looking great so far, just keep going! Oh! And use some displacements on the ground.


The plane has been borrowed from L4D along with some other stuff.
I’m also using some custom content from (trees, bushes and so on.)

About the fire…nah, since the plane was crashed months ago. (Yep, it needs more stuff around it so it would look, like jungle would be “eating” it.)

There are also nice amount of displacements, (in upper level and a bit in lower level, mainly below of the plane.) and there will be a lot more of them.
(man i love this new Beta OB Source SDK <3 )

Ps. Does anyone regonize the place?

  • jungle’d buildings
  • electric fences (do they have any electricity left? Any volunteers to try them? :V )
  • destroyed vehicles
  • jungle
  • bones and skeletons

Ah, so you’re going for the decaying look in a way. Maybe try adding some leaves ontop of the aeroplane coming down the side aswell, you can do that by just making a displacement.

a jungle needs more trees

It was probably a dumb idea to come to this side of the fence… Uh…

It seems, that we found one of the unlucky passengers of that crashed plane.
Poor bastard.

I were thinking about making a small waterfall to this spot.
Luckily EP2 has some good water particles.

Juarasic park?

Jurassic Park and more accurately, Site-B.

ask someone to make some little dinosaur SNPCs

You carved.

You are probably talking about Compsognathus.

Yeah, i will make a request thread soon. :stuck_out_tongue:


I threw up in my keyboard.

On a serious note, that’s terrible mapping practice. Use the clip tool and do it correctly.

You’re like hitler.

whats wrong with carving, all it’s doing is making a few clips automatically, if your sensible and only use 6 sided shapes, then its fine

How did you make the road?

Alpha painting.


Unfortunately, no. It creates clips in the worst way possible: using an algorithm.

It’s a test map. Calm down.

Regardless, you shouldn’t do it.