My Own Garry's Mod Server Crashes when I Join

I just made a Garry’s Mod server today, and it crashes when my client gets to Sending client info… It’s a DarkRP server with only 6 addons, and it was working with the addons earlier but then I added FastDL so that qnyone who tried to join would have the addons automatically downloaded for them.

Here is my start.bat if it’s helpful:

Here is a console log from the server:

If you look at the console log, after the last 3 lines the Garry’s Mod client puts me back at the Local Network screen, and if I go back to game modes and refresh the listings, my server isn’t there, as if it crashed. Any help would be great, as I want a server for just me and some friends.

Does your client crash? Have you tried without addons?

My client doesn’t crash, it just goes back to the Local Network screen. It was working with addons before I added FastDL but I’ll try it without addons after I post this.

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Just tried without addons, I still have the problem. Thanks for trying to help by the way.