My own Halloween Special

Happy Halloween. Are you a republican douchebag? Are you a democratic dickwipe? Then check out 9:48 and 11:44, then send me rage comments and cry out conservative/liberal bias and the viewers will laugh at the comments more that this video.

I honestly skipped the most of it.

this has fuck all to do with gmod

Wrong section. This is for Gmod-related images and videos. This stuff is for the videos and Flash Movies section.

Holy fuck, 15 minutes? That’s extortionately long.

It’s a shame those 15 minutes are shit too.

I did the news in Gmod, and the news were my personal favorite part.

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Correction: 15:01. All jokes aside, did Youtube allow for 5-minutes more for our videos?

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You’re right, this is for Videos and Flash section.

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Alright, someone tell me how I move this.

You can’t move it. Sit tight and hope for the best.

                                                                                                                                               ^ My reaction. Learn from my fail, guys.