my own model fo Gmod : Asian girl

i had already converted for Gmod
will be soon release :slight_smile:

Aw hell yes, she looks cute!

But… in my opinion, other clothes would be great. :v:

If you modeled that yourself bloody well done.

Good work.

I have to say I’m a little suspicious…

Good job! And oh dear, what map is that?

Her leg skin color keeps changing.

Oh hey, gurl…

For some reason i keep thinking you modelled it off something else, but i digress.
Good Work.

I repeat, does anyone know what map that is?

The boat screenshot appears to be cs_meridian on

She look rather like an actress of some shitty disney-profanators’ show at Disney Channel.

songlyx !
빅토리아 !

what’s with that weird shine spot on her fringe

Ah, I know this face.


hair needs more polies it has sharp edges

That group name sounds really weird
they don’t know what that really is.