My own Personal Model ragdoll request v2

Now my last one was complete fucked up shit due to the reason i didnt include that much content. This one i got more content and detail info. My skin will be Rennasiane’s and modern based. The rennisanes one is assassins creed I and II based. For the modern one will be a leather jacket and runners and jeans. Bassicly from Assassins Creed II i want the sache of waist belt or whatever you call it. From number one basically altiars hood Also from Assassins Creed II if you have seen it but i dont have the picture i want the Auditore Cape with it. Now for the modern one i want this leather jacket its white so yeah adn the jeans i think should be normal black jeans for the face male_09 as in the citizen face with a scar on his mouth. Space like how big it has to be.

I also seriously need it for a machinima soon and i need this skin in like a month so please anybody that is good at lua,skining,modeling anything that includs gmod stuff you can message me on steam. My Login name is Hyde_gack. Community name Hyde Auditore Di Firenze.

Dude the reason that no one is doing this is because your request would require a new model, not to mention it world be hard ass hell to make and seriously time consuming. People will run through and change the textures but this is just too much to ask for a complete and total stranger on Facepunch.

  1. That key, right next to “Z”, below cruise control? It probably has the word “Shift” on it? USE IT!
  2. It’s OK to use more than 1 line. Separate your thoughts in a logical, coherent fashion. As it is now, it’s just a wall of letters, some of which make words.
  3. Gordon Freeman’s Crowbar, get yourself a spellchecker. Several years of remedial English might be needed.
  4. I have never, ever, seen a personal model request that gets fulfilled. It’s almost always either a) the guy who wants it made it himself, or b) the guy was so famous that someone voluntarily made him a skin.
  5. Very rarely do such complex requests get done. Requests for new textures, yes. Ripping models from other games, sometimes.
  6. Add 4 and 5 together. Do you know what you get?
  7. Putting a time limit on this and trying to order people around? There’s stupid (1, 2 & 3), there’s ignorant (4, 5 & 6), and then there’s just plain rudeness.
  8. Also, use tags for images. Nobody want to click a bunch of links to see something. Especially when it’s a 404 page.
  9. It’s never going to happen.