My own spawnlist

I created some models for TF2. They work great in TF2. How to make my spawn list with those models so that I can spawn them in GarrysMod? I have models in TF2 location not in Gmod folders.

This spawn list gives me nomodel error. But the same model works in TF2.

		"version"		"2"
		"name"		"My Models"
		"1"		"models/ctf_sky/balon/balon.mdl"

and my model is in “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps*do not add me* eam fortress 2 f\models\ctf_sky\balon\balon.mdl”

Because, /models looks in garrysmod/models not tf2/models, you’ll have to copy the model over, or maybe putting in the full path might work, but i don’t think GMod can go outside it’s own folder structure.

but in other spawn list eg: “team fortress 2.txt”
there are paths of models that are locatedin tf2 directory or tf2 gcf files.

Yes, and? That’s how the GCF file system works.

So I can’t load custom models that are in tf2 directiry?
I have to copy them to GMOD folders?