My park

1.1 >> Fix >> Kanes Park


-new buildings
-two bases
-high quality cubemaps
-walled town
-npc air nodes
-wrap around road
-pit of death
-very hilly terrain
-lengthened 3D skybox

One secret room << OLD << NEW

More images of whatever that thing on supports is.

But if it’s a road on a bridge just say “Yeah, it is” and forget the images :v:

A bit more work could have been done, a ramp (I can’t see any) going up to that place with a few buildings would be good.

added images


also yeah, its just a road that goes all around the map with two off ramps.

Those buildings in the 10th picture down look awful familiar…
Other wise its nice.

They are just like the ones in Freespace

Yea, I’m hinting at too familiar.

Did Kane make Freespace?

I like the new star skybox