my pc burning while game is running on medium

My PC specs are nvidia gtx 780
Intel i5 4670k
16GB ram
While I play the case kinda get really hot and the PC makes loud noises is that because of the game still in alpha or what

Do you have build in any extra fans?

I have a cooling system and 3fans

Holy shit dude. We’re on the tower does it get hot!? And were do you put the tower?

I put my case on the floor and I live in Egypt

I need more info. Then you live in Egypt…
We’re does it get hot on your pc???
Is the pc close to the walls???

I can’t help you if you don’t tell me wtf

Do you have any programs to check your computer’s temps?

Forget about hot I think it’s kinda normal cuz I live in Egypt an dno it isn’t near walls but my PC make like high noises only when I play rust like it does take a lot of CPU like I think 80-90% I play high graphics games and it doesn’t make my PC hot from the sides of case or even make loud noises
One more thing it doesn’t get hot right away but like 4 hours of continuous playing then I hear noises from PC and it sometimes lag like the game is heavy I think

You should check your temperatures using any hardware monitoring software while you play. Then post here the results for CPU and GPU, this is important so we can help you.

It’s a tool to monitor temperatures.

Run it while playing Rust, it will show min and max temps of your devices. One of the asiest ways to find out what is running hot.

EDIT: Here is a rough drawing of my airflow, it’s pretty basic I guess. Maybe it helps.

EDIT2: Am using a Macho rev b on my cpu.

  1. Get hardware monitor (link in post above)
  2. If temperatures exceed 80° think about a better cooling system.

Option 1:

Option 2: