My personal, not particularly well developed idea about player appearance and 'customization'.

Basically, I just think that if you guys plan to make players customizable in any way, perhaps have players spawn on the coast with full beards and long hair, and allow them to trim their manes however they wish.

Definitely…I want to be a man…and i’m sure those feminists agree that they want to be women, because there’s nothing wrong with being a woman. So why do women have to be stuck with being a man, just because of chance, and men having the chance of being stuck a woman based on their steam ID. I guess Garry just wants there to be a well balanced sense of female and male player base, to get more of a variety. And I guess with skin color, dick size, and fat, well I guess that’s to include some sense of not being able to control something, in a world where you can control everything, except nature. But being random is kind of unfair in my personal opinion.

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Also I think the hairdos would detract from the post apocalyptic, radiation type of game.

I personally would love to see some wicked hairdos and full sense of customization for your character.

Maybe character’s beards can grow the longer they have been alive :smiley:

So… like this? :smiley:

More like this :wink: