My personal player model

If anyone can please make me this player model it would be so awesome.
Using male_09 as a base…
I wan’t it to wear:

this on his head.

This on his body:

These on his legs:

And finally, these on his feet:

first there has to be a model for you to turn it into a player model

so first you ask can someone make this model
can you turn it into a playermodel

Yeah, what he said :3

D: why did people stop making personal models when i thought of making one?!?!?!

They didn’t. The model you want is rather complex. Specify a human or another model to put these clothes on, or hack the combine trench coat model to have a human head.
I asked for a Nick with a recolored jacket and an image on the back and It was made rather fast. In other words, simplify it a bit, and you are more likely to get a volunteer.

well if someone used the mysterious strange model and hack a new head on then reskin abit you would have yourself your own personal skin.

:open_mouth: yes do that please!