My Personal Skin and a few other random skins.

4 custom skins I did because I was bored. Also because Fort83 wanted the facemap for Male010. I figure it’s time I actually release something even if it is just a few skins.

-Male010- Remake of the “Cheaple” male as a regular citizen.
-Male011- A Combine citizen/prisoner/slave/janitor type guy, whatever you want him to be.
-Corpse02- Some dead body, could be used as a zombie.
-Rusty- My personal skin, never had one until now.

they be some fine looking custom skins there dude they look awesome.

sweet normal maps on dat skin


Rusty man been wanting to pose you for ages man.

Now sign up here man:

Wow they all look good, but dang the face of your personal’s is hella ugly. I hope it’s not how you look like IRL.

Lol no, I tried putting a GTAIV face on there but I guess it didn’t turn out as good as I wanted it to. :v:

@BigBoom: But he’s banned! So donno who that’ll work with me sending him a pm.

Ohmeaaaaaaaaaan i love your skins, good to see that corpse getting attn. could you make some more Corpse reskins?

Great stuff as usual Rusty.

Im guessing your the one in the umbrella jacket?

Yeah that’s supposed to be my personal skin but it’ll probably change later.

That is very hot.

I like the clothing on the ones on the way right and way left. That male 07 reskin to the way right has a sexy new face too.