My Personal Skin!

My personal skin is finally complete! Thanks to Sliferz!

Hope you guys like it!

Needs work.

WHY? What’s wrong with it?

Recolour and crappy textures.

just a question where do u get those avavtars i’ve got one of link but i cant find any other ones sorry kinda random

Wow, a male_07, never seen those before.


i like it :wink:

Deri babes make me one please! and i love the idea of personal skins :smiley:

Yo Noz! Wassup? Didn’t know u were on teh fasepunch! Sure ill make you one, just need you to tell me what you want!

Ok babes ill tell you on steam :wink: and i signed up to face punch yesterday :3

kk, dunt worry, ill get it dun, i got… contacts :stuck_out_tongue:

Yo homie man! I speaks them yewbonicks too!

Nahh just shitting you, Nice skin btw.

I literally went “ugh” at the conversation between N0z and Deri101.

Anyways, it’s not that great a skin. You just painted the arms white, put some dirt (Shit?) on it and painted on some fingerless gloves as well as some text. It’s alright for a first skin, but it could be better.

This is also more of a personal thing probably relating to only me, but I don’t think personal skins need a release thread.

I never understood criticism of personal skins. If its what they want to be represented as, why critique it?


What the fuck would make you say “ugh” about two friends meeting on facepunch?

It’s just how me and NOz talk,

Oh and i’ve made a new skin. So you can stop whining at my first attempt…

HAHAHA! ban’d! Oh wait…

we already have enough personal skins

Wow, you sure did take your sweet time making an alt account. And learn to take criticism.

What are you, 13?