My personal skin

I know what im about to ask for may be alot (or not) to ask for but I’d really like to have this kind of personal skin.

I like him to have a brown hair version of Male_2 or who ever is the sixth guy from the left in the black shirt.

Id also like him to have a White shirt with a brown vest over it


and for him to have brown fingerless gloves


the normal brown shoes are fine

and finaly these kind of grey pants


You will have my undying allegiance should you be able of making this skin and of course all credit will go to who ever can make it.

please, anybody?


ill model it looks like a project for the night hehe but I would need someone els to unwrap and texture it ( texturing isnt my thing)

hows this? not finished yet I just did a quick model, next is his vest then hands, (shoes are from nicks model of l4d 2) I also need to scale the forearms down a bit

A pirate biker business man? That’s original.

pretty awsome man just a little less puffy on the arms and it would be great and thanks for starting it up man

ok im done heres some pictures. sorry but thats all I can do, its up to someone else to texture it.

link to model: .obj format

now to only to find somone who will texture it.

come on dont let it die.

Come on can anyone texture this thing?

Alright, I’ll texture it. Upload the max file to a free file-hosting site.
thanks again plasmid for doin the model
and thanks gordo for texturing it.

That was nice you deserve a hug.

Final bump for Yujin, Gordo I am sorry for buggin you and I know you’re workin on other models but are you planning on doing this? If not anyone else?

Gordo man you doin this?