My personal skin

My Personal skin :3

Thank you to striker for the whole skin, and me for the little tune up.

Hope you guys enjoy me.

Nice to see a Mettalica fan.

C’mon and Ride the Lightning.

That’s nice.

Thanks.I love your Metallica shirt.

I’m runnin’ on Battery. “Enter, Sandman!”

Nice skin.


lol seth :smiley: looks nothing like you…
you need long black hair…

Only if…

Dunno how it can be your personal skin if striker made it.

Also, i hate metallica :V

well it’s my personal skin, considering it’s my design that’s how i wanted it, i just didn’t know how to skin at the time.

Buuuurrrttt Metallica rooooolllllzz

Obey your master!

Mettalica for teh fucking win!!!

Grave digger!

how do u guys make custom skins?

Most of us use our massive penises to make them, but it might just be me.

Whiskey in the jar-o

Oh yeeah Metallica!