my personal skin

here’s my personal skin made from a skin by Pretbek
as you see it’s not perfect but
:moved to an another thread:
ps. the hat is seperate

original model belongs to Pretbek

Update: gonna fix some last things on it

Update 2:i fixed the black hands issue now

i moved it to this thread :!-quot-Edition

Very boring, lots of wasted space too.

One of rusty’s reskin with a badly slapped on shirt.

There is a thread for this.

No there isn’t what are you talking about.

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Oh wait yes, sorry it was locked long ago :

Wow, Mini, do you not remember when it was locked?

don’t steal other people’s work then call it your own

Black dude hands man.

im gonna have to say thank you for saying that
now i gave the creator some credit