My personal suggestions

First of all before I go any further I would just like to say I know this game is in alpha stage and I know not everything if anything is permanent but since I have brought the game I feel maybe my suggestions may bring some joy to people if implemented or improve the game in some manor and after all it is an Alpha so suggestions never hurt anybody. so anywhooo.

Suggestion List:

Deployable Torches: I am unaware if anyone has suggested this before me or if its even in the game I just haven’t spotted it but I will suggest it anyway, I have been playing rust for a short time and one thing that makes me a little irritated is the night lighting. I mean its fantastic with the realism as there would be 0 percent light at night but I do feel if there where deployable torches this would allow people to sit comfortably in their homes without having to put a fire of some kind in every room. I feel that these should work a lot like fires do as in they need to be ignited and need refueling but mounted on walls instead. I just think this would be a good idea.

Cliffsides work a little like trees do: When I say this I mean that when you hatchet a tree you get a lot less would then you would form a wood pile how about we do the same with rock piles and cliffs? Maybe implement that the rock piles are already broken down meaning they require less effort to get more resources from but all the same. I feel that the cliffside idea would be great but I also feel that the developers should make it so that there isn’t a very high chance of getting much else other than stone or nothing but still possible, so that it doesn’t become a over powered source meaning people just don’t bother with rocks anymore. Maybe even introduce mines in cliffsides to get some more rare materials but I don’t know.

Pointless furniture: I feel this would be a good implementation as this allows people to decorate their homes more, sure it has no proper use but it sure beats nothing being there at all. Another good thing about this is that a few of my friends and I find ourselves inventory managing after we have our homes with no real obligation or inspiration to do more, I think furniture would most definitely bring something to players as it inspires them to go out and work more and prolongs the whole survival idea. EG: Tables, Benches, Shelves, ect.

Glass and moulding: I really liked this idea as I thought it might improve things slightly and make people more incline to explore and do interesting projects, here is why - Glass is made out of Sand and other components melted down in a furnace(Already implemented) which then becomes glass, I feel this could be used instead of doors for windows or for other crazy ideas the community might think of for it. Also with the aspect of it being sand and beach products that make glass this would inspire people to go out towards the oceans to pick up the resources and keeping people busy instead of sitting around.

Create Different meats: I know this is nothing major but I imagine it would be quite an easy thing to do, I mean when i kill a Bear I want bear meat and when I kill a pig I want Bacon (Yummy Bacon). Also I think when you get these different meats they could have different properties such as cook times and there effect on your health and body.

Knifes: I am not quite sure if these are in games but as far as I am aware they are not, but I think these should be the equivalent to the hatchet for wood and the pickaxe for rocks in that this should be used for getting meats and leathers and cloths. Just makes more sense and introduces more tools into the game which is always cool!

I would be keen to here about any feedback from everyone from my suggestions or even feel free to tweak them as they are designed to enhance the communities gameplay. Just no hate on this thread please such as “You’re stupid, this thread is stupid” simply say I disagree with “” Because… or something along those lines.


Great ideas, i totally agree with you!

Good ideas!

I’m sure a lot of this is planned, however it is nice that u and my allies are thinking the same thing hehe :).

I would recommend doing a type of tl;dr bcs a lot of people don’t reading a lot of text

-Main info

Here’s my comments on the ideas:

-I’ve heard the torch comment a lot!
-Dynamic spawns are planned I believe.
-Furniture should give more comfort! i.e. faster healing! (for drawing blood)
-Glass is totally possible :slight_smile:
-I’m 100% sure different meats are planned, remember this is alpha.
-For Knifes, assassinations would be legit man, slitting throats… that sorta stuff :).

U said u wanted feedback hehe

I also think that a stepping system in creation would also be great. So if I know how to make a cloth helmet and I also know how to make Kevlar pants then because I have worked with Kevlar and I know the design for a helmet I should be able to make a Kevlar Helmet without having the blueprint. So maybe have designs (helm, shirt, pants, boots) then have material (cloth, leather, kevlar). You could do the same with tools/weapons (stone, iron, …) then type (hatchet, pick axe, …). So if I know how to work with iron and I have created a stone hatchet, then I should be able to create a iron hatchet even though I don’t have the blueprint.