My personal suggestions

-Door peekhole

-Ability to knock on doors

-Add friends permission to acess certain doors


-Small camera you can craft and mount outside your home entrance which you can watch on a small screen from the inside

-add slingshot weapon

-add wooden bicycle

-add fishing poles

-add streams/rivers/white water rapids/waterfalls/lakes/ponds

-add craftable telescope or binoculars

-Add AK-47, revolver, machete, knife

-Add ability to remove/replace items you put in the wrong place.

-Add craftable mirror for your interior with natural looking home-made wooden frame so you and your friends can see what you look like in your upgraded gear

-small craftable radio to your house to listen to music/get updated on upcoming airdrop locations

-Cute nerdy little windmills to put outside your home to run electricity to interior lamps

-Little wooden boats with nerdy little sail

Man this game has so much potential, i will probably think of 10 more things by the time i close this thread!