My Personal Top Ten of Features I'd Like to See Sooner than Later

I hate doing this because these lists are so often poorly received, but here’s my top ten list of things I’d like to see in the game sooner than later that on their face seem like relatively simple things to fix/add OR are things from legacy that would be nice to have back. I am intentionally avoiding ‘pie in the sky’ features for this list.

  1. Make bandages (and medkits?) stackable Is now in

Would be nice if bandages stacked. I put medkits with a question mark because I’ve never had more than 1 at a time to see if they stack.

  1. Make bandages, medkits, rad pills (maybe food?) usable from hotbar (with a timer to prevent spamming) Is now in

Would be nice if bandages et al were usable again from the hotbar. I could go either way on food – it makes sense that you would have to stop and select it to get its benefits.

  1. Add a useful item requiring bone or add bone to an existing recipe to make it more relevant Bone knife is actually a decent cheap way to gather stone, does that count?

I collect it because I am a packrat, but then it just sits there, unused.

  1. Add more crates per airdrop (random 1-3 like legacy) with loot spread out across them

If there were more than one and they were spread out, it’d be harder for the first guy or two to get there with guns from getting everything.

  1. Bring back Spiked walls

These would be nice to place around the base to prevent jumping on rocks, etc. or to make more free form ‘see through’ encampments.

  1. Bring back wood gates

The new build mechanics make these functionally a little less needed, but aesthetically I like the way they make areas look like compounds. Combined with spiked walls, it’d allow for more freeform area enclosures.

  1. Make lanterns require low grade fuel Is now in

This seems like a simple thing. I don’t know what the impact is on performance of having dozens upon dozens of lanterns constantly emitting light on a server, but it’d be nice if these things would burn out if not attended.

  1. Rebalance Salvaged hammer recipe

This one pains me to put on here because personally love being able to craft one so easily and quickly, but it really doesn’t make sense how it is currently set up.

  1. Fix the exploit that allows Alt-F4 (and other mechanisms apparently, like maybe ‘sleep’) to avoid fall damage Anybody know if this is still a thing?

Some strategies for making a base safe depend on forcing an approach from a height that should kill someone who tries to make the jump. In any event, any glitch that prevents fall damage should be fixed.

  1. Gun reloading Is now in

This one is probably a lot more involved, but it falls into the category of a former legacy feature that’d be nice to have back. The dodge-weave-and-strike-while-reloading tactic is no longer viable with unlimited streaming ammo.

For a bonus 11th, it’ll be nice when every container, including dead bodies, isn’t a barrel with some slots unavailable. I left that out of the top ten because I understand it was done this way so that the new UI could be released sooner than later and it’s probably already high on FP’s priority list. Is now in

Yeah, I could be down for all of these. I don’t know where they’d fall on the priority list, but some of them should be higher-up there anyway.

I am especially fond of #7 – it seems like tons of lanterns always crash my FPS.

can’t have nothing against any of these… Let’s go go go people!!

Looks like the bonus 11th is already going to be in the next update. That was quick work.

Agree with everything but 7 why ? because i dont want to be refueling 100 lanterns to see at my base not until some sort of electricity is added

Because magic lanterns don’t make sense? Even when electricity is added, you’ll presumably need to refuel a generator of some sort. Right now it’s annoying to not know if a house is actually occupied or just has their lanterns from 5 days ago still shining.

Would be cool if the Furnace could burn using Low Grade Fuel like it did in Legacy and have faster and higher yields when using that in place of wood. I’m sure it will come some day.

Also, there’s already been talk about the reloading system and Garry has a really cool idea planned for it, check the trello section under programming.

The fact that lanterns burn eternally without any fuel bugs me. Oil lanterns should need low grade fuel. That said, they should be able to run for an extended period of time on a single fill too.

Oh, and one should be able to move and / or destroy a lantern. This indestructible lantern thing is a bit ridiculous.