My Personal TTT Spray

It seems as if the WWII Veteran is the wanted in Germany and that he is also a traitor of the terrorist, will the terrorist just shoot him on sight? Or will they bring him to Germany to claim their delicious award?

This is my first spray and editing with Gmod 10 Screenshots so I have to admit it has a couple of flaws, please reply with constructive criticsm and tips if you have any, Thank you :D.


This doesn’t really belong here…

But because I’m nice, the “g” is cut off at the bottom. The next doesn’t look good. And the overall image doesn’t look worn out besides the ripped sides.

Great posing and fantastic poster edit. If I saw this spray in game I’d sure be on the lookout. He seems very dangerous :ohdear:

I feel offended

Well if your German then I apologize for the reason that this is a parody or in other words a “joke” of wanted WWII veterans. Story is that he killed tons of retired Nazi soldiers (They fought back well BTW) and made off with the money he gets from a secret American WWII clan. But now Germany had witnesses who knew what he looked like and posted across the whole world a wanted poster (The one WAY above of course). 3 weeks later in the Terrorist Town, the terrorist recognize his face and found out he is lingering around town with weapons and nades, they grewed suspicion that he might be the traitor, and especially since he arrived the town and at the same time the killing spree started to happen. So they have a choice just to shoot him on sight, or bring him to Germany dead OR alive to claim their rewards.


I notice that the “g” is cut off too when I took a close look when I uploaded, sorry about that. And that was as worn out as I attempted but I have to admit its not the best. Thanks for giving me tips so that later on in the future I can create better sprays and screenshots. Have a good day :smiley: