My phys .smd isn't working

So, I’ve been trying for the past few hours to get this .smd to work, so that my ring object wouldn’t be completely solid, so that you could walk in it. Right now that’s not the case, since it’s a ring it’s like you’re walking on top of a transparent plate. I’ve smoothed down the model, I’ve rigged my .qc to compile with it, I just don’t understand what’s wrong. Can anyone help me out on this one? Thanks!

You will need to use the $concave command as well as making multiple convex shapes, each having a separate smoothing group assigned to them.

$collisionmodel "tree_deciduous_01a_physbox.smd"
	$mass 350.0

More info on the Valve Developer Wiki.

Yeah, I’ve done both of those. Here’s my .qc

And here’s what my .phys looks like

Or do you mean literally multiple boxes surrounding it?

I think you’ll need multiple boxes

It cant be a complex shape like that, the collision model needs to be made of convex geometry, you would need to break that up into convex parts in the shape of the ring.