My physics gun is broken ;s

Hi, I bought a new computer since my old one kept crashing from overheating at garry’s mod, I have a new one, a very good one with many fans en good stuff, but I have a new problem… It doesn’t crash anymore but now it just keep spawning chairs… When I click one time with my physics gun anywhere, it just starts spawning chairs and keeps spawning chairs untill I disconnect… This is a video I made with Xfire. (the menu is dutch, don’t look at that) Please help me and sorry for my bad english. (:

Here’s the link where that video lives.

That’s a Lua virus. Re-install GMod.


And watch what servers you join in future.

delete the garrys mod folder from the registry
Then reinstall

How do I do that?

@ CoolCorky - That’s weird, the first time I ran gmod, I just made my own server to play with a friend and then it started, before that I’ve never played on servers.

Go to C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod

And delete the “garrysmod” folder

And it may not have been a server; some addons contain it too