my pic

c&c plz thx

Guy with the sword looks :gay:

Also, don’t use the explosion effect; dynamite works much better.

Dat ass.

No seriously, improve your posing, don’t use that explosion effect, and try making a more interesting scene.

ahh srry forgot about dynamite oops

The posing is really bad, so is the angle. You need to find a better map, also. Bigcity is really empty and blocky.

To improve your posing you can try standing up and striking the poses you want to replicate for maximum realism.

Or spawn an npc and examine it.

The…posing, at best it looks awkward.

I dont know why the fuck there is white speckles everywhere around the explosion or why the guys is wearing a beret with a piss colored sword…anyways you should reallly think about doing a different map choice

The guy getting stabbed doesn’t seem to bother the sword on his back.