my pics

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Heavy has vagitis

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Dr Haxx in action.

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I think I spawned too many companion cubes…

I really liked the editing in the first one and the angle in the last one is just beautiful!

Here you go.

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What the…

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Great poses! What model is that in the second set?

Hannah montana hostile

Sigh Am I going to give the REAL criticism here?
Screwing up a model’s face isn’t funny, pictures are supposed to look good, pleasing to the eye or the funnybone or both.
Don’t use construct.
Don’t do anything with doctor haxx, will just get you flamed to hell and back cept for the many many sarcastic people here.
Work on your posing, don’t spawn random models, try to keep the bullet holes out of the shot if you are going to dick around, zoom in with the camera, give us something to look at.
Don’t use NPCs or playermodels in shots, ever.
And turn your AA up. (Anti-Aliasing) Go into video options and find it, then put it at the highest it will go, it will get rid of those nasty jagged edges on everything.
There’s still a lot more to say about these but I will let someone else take it from here.

Now I’m done.

I wish I had the low end PC that you do!

pfft. elitists

Describe to me how anyone in here has been an elitist.

I checked, no anti-aliasing. I tried my best anyway.

How old are you?

check the other screenshots in this section

back at yours

back at them


And anyway, nobody is perfect.

that’s pretty clear alright

You forgot the “shit” between the words “my” and “pics”

These are fucking terrible, they don’t even live up to troll pose standards.

Op :frog:

yes, people who know how to pose are telling you your poses are of shitastic quality

So you’re dysphapsia or just think that most user are less than 12 year old?

No, That is not what I was getting at. I mean, it is my first time and, yes even if they are shitty, I don’t give a rats arse about it.