My Plasma Rifle

No one has ever accepted my requests before, but I will post one anyways. I had an idea last night for a weapon that I thought was pretty cool. I would attatch my pictures but I don’t know how. I am currently making the model and then the animations for it. It’s a plasma gun that is a carge up weapon, when it’s fired it fires a blob of “plasma” and when it hits a human it causes a animated overlay to happen to their model, much like the fire in tf2 except plasma runnign down them. They lose health very quickly while this is happening and results in death no exceptions. The downsides for the user are that if he runs around holding down teh charge it will overload and cause plasma to spew out the bottom hatches, its other down side is that the weapon has a 4 second charge time until it can fire. that and you can’t swap weapons while its charging. Oh and when the weapon over charges it spews onto the groudn below creating a smaller "spittergoo type idea except its blue and doesnt increase damage the longer you are in it, but it does leave a trail where ever you run for the next 2 seconds. If any talented lua coders are out there and would like to accompany me in makign this weapon it would be greatly appreciated for I would love to have my [wip] model put to use, thanks! PS: info on how to attatch my paint drawing would be appreciated xD