My portal gun is...

My portal gun isn’t spawning portals but has the sound and i cant see the gun its only a grave gun help me please

All portal gun SWEPs are broken.

Portal Guns don’t work and have never worked, but if you have a copy of, y’know, Portal, the gun should at least show up when you hold it.

actually at one point they did work :stuck_out_tongue:

Blackops’s PortalGun works for me.

The portals look kinda silly though. To make it look better, I took the backup .vtfs that are included in the archive, compressed them to 256KB with VTFEdit (they are about 15MB each originally :byodood:), then used them to override the default ones. It gives it more of an HPD/real portal effect that way. Actually, I think those textures are from the HPD by malahis.

Then I edited the portal placement code (in lua/weapons/weapon_portalgun/shared.lua) to be more offset from the wall/floor/ceiling (trace HitNormal multiplied by a value). This fixes the bleeding effect you get on most surfaces because the portal is perfectly aligned in the wall, and the wall itself renders partially in front (weird triangle see-throughs)