My portfolio

Hi, I am khhs, an indie game dev who one day learned that sandbox existed, now, I don’t want to do any begging, and I know this might just be annoying, but since the form is closed(basically) and I did a bad job submitting it, I would like to get a second chance, so I present to you, my portfolio!
As I have already written this once, and I don’t want to redo it, I feel like a link to my portfolio on another website should do.
khhs portfolio in

On top of this I once again apologise if I am annoying, getting begged for keys can’t be fun, but I am just going to give it a go and we will see how it all ends, shall we?

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Also, let me append, I am aware of S&box being in an early stage, so pls don’t send 5 quadrillion messages about that

sbox is in an early stage


s&box is in early stage rn you should be aware that


f**k you

Im just saying but s&box is in an early stage

Wait like everyone else or get recommended by someone who is already part of the early dev stages.

Posts like this won’t help you at all.


I am 100% aware, and I am just doing it in case it helps me…

Say no more fam, I gotchu. Heres a key :key:

Posts like these don’t do anything other than piss people off

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I feel like people are just ignoring what I am saying except, once, when they joked about it

This doesn’t change anything, you are just stating that you “annoy” people on purpose.

I am stating that I might be annoying, and if so I am apologising(unless i stated it wrong)

Some advice: being toxic towards people directly underneath your portfolio is a surefire way of having your portfolio completely ignored.
You wouldn’t apply for a job and then proceed to curse out the interviewer because he pointed something out.

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I am not trying to be toxic, just explaining/defending myself. So if people want to look at me like that, fine, but it just really annoys me when people points out stuff I already explained.

Hopefully I didn’t sound toxic, if I did, please forgive me…
lets end this with a smiley to make it more interpretable as the purpose :slight_smile: