My Pose movie!

Hello Facepunch, I’m new here but I’m not new to Garry’s Mod. I’ve created all of these images in-game and did not use any image editing program to change them. It’s all from Garry’s Mod 13.

ALSO... An apology to anyone who may be offended from the Hitler pose, It is fully intended to be a serious pose.

All men have a destiny, whether it is to change someones life, or to influence a thousand others into changing.

I have a creative tick in my head that locks me into place for hours perfecting works like these. I love to express my creativeness and help others learn to express it as well. I began doing this long ago but quit because I was so busy with school. This and all of my work are dedicated to TNS and it’s hard times that it has gone though, we as a community should learn to rebuild after disaster, and regain morale to continue gaming and enjoying time with one another. I hope with video influences you to take on larger things in life, or at least take you back into the far reaches of your mind you have not ventured before. I will only do serious poses for this matter and this is how I calm this tick. Enjoy!

Song: This Will Destroy You - Quiet

The angle could be A LOT better on most of them, to be honest. The posing is pretty decent though.

I realized some of my angles were off to begin with, but I kept the pictures because I wanted as much detail as possible.
Thank you for the feed back as well. It helps a lot to know I’m getting my work out there and noticed.