My Posing Thread! Constructive Criticism Please!

I have not been posing for awhile, but I think I have improved. The poses will go in order of date.

First Pose

A: Never use Sharpen

B: Never use simple dof

C: Set grafix to max, if it impacts your FPS just change it at the last second, we don’t see moving images, we see still pictures.

D: Work on making the posing less stiff, they aren’t the Terminator, they’re supposed to be living people.

Good work so far, don’t forget to add lamps and lighting.

Pretty good concepts. Keep up the good work.

Posing isn’t too bad

Your posing isn’t that bad, your finger posing is great comparing to the rest of your scenes.
Touch up a bit.
Like @minalandstan, use adv DOF and gwapics, max that shit dude.
Otherwise, i’d suggest working on your camera angles.