My prop protection isn't working

Help! im using assmod and my prop protection isnt working! people can remove other peoples props! I have installed other ones added to assmod but they dont work! Please help!

same. Help anyone?

OK, check so see if you have a conflict. Like if u have assmod, and simple proprotection. It will conflict. Rather you find a custom made PP thing. Or remove assmod and try Newadmin, or ULX. If that fails. Somethings messed with your servers internal Lua cache. (Lua Cache is a .dll used to load custom/addon and server lua files)

Witch means you need to redownload the server content. If that doesn’t work. Im not quite sure.

Remove the ASSMOD PP plugin, and use Spp.
Im not good with ULX, but im guessing theres a conflict somewhere.

Its definitely a clash between 2 PP’s

I fixed it!! :d i just installed ulx and installed a ulx prop protection from the ulx forums thanks guys!