My prop_dynamic elavtor is acting like a button.

I’ve got eli’s lab elevator and if I hit E (Use) anywhere in it it makes a funny noise and then it does nothing/crashes

I was following this tutorial exactly, word for word. I’m using episode two


You need to un-check one of the options from the flags.

They’re all unchecked

Bump’d. Would my func_tracktrain’s settings matter?

Potentially, the “user control” or “hl1 train” flags may be causing it.

What’s an Elavtor?

And i believe your func_tracktrain’s settings might matter. Than again, i’m rusty with entities right now. Post them?

Tried every flag and it’s still pretending to be a button

what are the outputs?

I found your problem.

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What’s wrong with WoW?


Back on topic; Bump’d. This is really bugging me because it just crashes now. I’ll post a video