My proposed suggestions.


I wrote a small list of suggestions that might be interesting:

  1. Ability to place notes or signs. example: take a piece of paper, write a note and attach it on a wall. that paper can then be destroyed with 1 hit. take some wood and create a sign that can be placed on the ground.

  2. wild animals change target in response to some events. example: a wolf is chasing you, you drop a “raw chicken breast” on the ground and the wolf eats it.

  3. hunger icon slowly changing color in response to your hunger level. example: your hunger reaches 50% of the critical level, a yellow icon appears on the screen. slowly the icon becomes red. when the icon is red you start losing health. your weight affects how fast you become hungry.

  4. “useless” items that can be converted into resources. example: you find a piece of scrap metal, melt it in a furnace, get some low quality metal back.

  5. see the name of the player or the object while looting. example: you open a wooden box, in the looting window there is a bar with “wooden box” written on it. the same if you are looting a corpse or a player

  6. right click on a item while looting while move the entire stack.

  7. torch and some guns don’t work while wet.

I really like all of these ideas and I want to discuss some of them.
Regarding the UI suggestions: Everytime I start up the experimental branch the UI has changed. So I expect them to improve the UI anyway :slight_smile:

  1. This is an idea that I also had some days ago but I thought of spray painting. But not like in source/goldsrc games but rather spray freely with a spray can. You would possibly spray something like “I was here” on someone’s building to scare him a bit when he comes home. Edit: Oh, there would be probably some sprayed dicks on someone’s house. Though I don’t know if everyone would do that.

  2. Good idea but I fear this could easily lead to a situation where wolves and other creatures aren’t dangerous anymore. Maybe let some creatures have some unique weak points and the chance to trick them could be random. Or something like: You can’t fear a wolf with a single torch but approach a wolf with an army of torches and he will be scared off. But I don’t know how much effort that would be for scripting the AI.

  3. Good. But there should be a bit of a loss. Think of Team Fortress 2’s crafting system. Having a lot of scrap metal to get quality metal :slight_smile:

  4. While it might be realistic I see no real improvement of fun or challenge here. Realistic fesatures can lead to some frustration, I guess.

2 and 5 are good, and although the rest are too, they have been suggested previously, or are already in the works. check out the concept trello for some ideas they are feeling out.

I have an idea for the building system.

The foundations have a 4x4 grid, you can place walls at 22.5, 45 or 67.5 degrees or aligned with the grid. the borders of the walls must snap to the grid (so you get different sized walls depending on the alignment). if you try to build a wall near an existing one, it is attached to the existing one.
When placing a ceiling, it gets the shape of the walls under it.

This is a GREAt idea. I don’t know how hard it would be to implement, but I would absolutely love it.

It wouldn’t be that hard. It’s just a matter of dice rolling and circumstance detection. Make players holding a torch have a unique tag, then wolf: if 4< torches, then retreat.

A popular idea is to just have a bunch of recursive snapping points, and then while holding a modifier key you have complete freedom of placement like it currently is. So you won’t be constrained to certain angles, but you can still build a structured form home like you describe.

Nice idea. :slight_smile:
We can expand this more: When there is another potential target, roll a dice every tick and change target with a small probability. If you throw a piece of meat and run away, the meat will stay near the wolf for a short time and the probability stays small. if you start running in circle, after a while the wolf starts eating the meat. This works even if there is another player instead of the piece a meat. If one player is chased and there is another player near him, there is a probability that the wolf start chasing the new player.

But then placing a ceiling becomes a mess, furthermore if the walls don’t match perfectly people would shoot through the empty space between walls.

So? Would be quite fun. I bet it would make people build their bases better.

As long as there is a way to make people not be able to shoot through the spaces if it is done right, I’m all for penalising people who fuck it up.

There’s no reason why ceilings need to be squares or triangles only. Or other low planes polygons either. It may make things easier, but to begin with, building isn’t going to be quite the same as it is now, in the future. They’re just aiming for a fixed up and fancy baseline. Maybe in the future it’ll be more dependant on the objects you find rather than the plan you layout. Or they can just have “fill in” ceiling wizardry. Plenty of simple options. :3