My question

My question…

  1. without shadows you can have 128, and with shadows 8-10 light sources, will the limit be removed with Shadows?
  2. What is the biggest map already in s&box, gta 5 in s&box… Microsoft simulator? Hah.
  3. Is the game’s release date early 2022?
  4. Has anyone tried or done something realistic? Maps, models, etc.
  5. The number of slots on the servers can reach 1000 or more players? I heard something, but I forgot.
  6. Will I be able to transfer the map from cyberpunk in the same beautiful condition as it was in the game itself, or will there be difficulties in carrying, such as limiting the light? As I pointed out in the first paragraph.
  1. Do you mean in a small vacinity? If you do then I believe it has a bigger limit.
  2. Its technically unlimited but of course pass a certain point you will reach issues, but it can 100% fit gta5
  3. I personally expect December to release near Christmas but Im not facepunch so dont take it as a fact
  4. Yeah, models can be a bit of issue, and with realistic its even harder as they usually cost allot of money but alot of high quality textures are free, so myself as well as many others are doing realistic maps.
  5. I havent heard anything of a limit for it but I don’t know if they have a gamemode pushing the limit either.
  6. It depends on how the map is made, the easiest is if you port the map into a single model then port it to a vmdl, it skips mesh errors with source 2 and doesnt have the perfect optimization its what the gta 3 port did I believe. But lights will be something you need to do, entity’s etc.
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Personally, I’d rather they take their time than rush the game out. But I think a lot of things are going to be done between now and December so it’s not totally unreasonable.

I don’t think the game will release this year, It’s to soon, but I also think you will struggle to port things over like the cyberpunk map, Since it’s not source 2 engine. Someone either slaves away and re-creates the map or unless there is some software that converts other game engine maps to source 2 then it’s super unlikely you will see it, also the copyright situation is a grey area for s&box right now so who knows how strict it will be.

  1. Idk the answear of that, they still need to fix the currents problems before they increase it (if ever they will…) this limit seems low so maybe they will.
  2. new york map maybe ? but only simple maps with simple geometry can be really big but if you add complexity/details, then it quickly becomes too heavy to be played on and quickly reach other engine limits.
  3. they quietly pushed back a bit the date. between 26-27 july they changed the about page by adding " Our plan is to get to a releasable state over the next 6-12 months", so between january and july 2022 it will be released.
  4. yes for models/texture, for map not much rnw because it takes time and majority of maps rnw are just ported maps.
  5. it can reach more, but depends how much complex/heavy the gamemode/map is. this limit is just a nomber without any testing to check if the game can really supports it, so up to gamemode creator. so probably will start having problem wayyyy before this limit.
  6. no you will probably not be achieving the same conditions as the base game but you could try approaching it (theses 2 engines are really different). we still have no clue of what facepunch will do with porting maps/assets from copyrighted games to s&box (will they ban them ?) only for games here, assets/maps on a engine/content store like ue4 depends on the licence you own, so it will not apply for that. you could try importing the entire map as a model but it will be really unoptimised (especially if it is a complex open map since source 2 is really not made to handle that in the first place). and some other problems can still be happening (shadows, performance, lights …).