My questions about Facepunch's future plan

In a previous forum post about the map Helk is working on Garry said:

"When the old map was created we didn’t have building. The game was very much DayZ style, going from place to place, killing zombies.

The game is headed away from that. We don’t need to make a huge map populated with buildings and places. We want the occupants of the map to be able to populate it… so when you join one server it will be completely different to another.

By ‘populate the map’ I don’t mean with shitty wooden buildings. That’s not our end game. Our end game is for users to be able to populate the map with everything you would expect to see in a populated map that had been built by hand."

So my question is if the map is going to be populated by player built buildings that means the map will be changing all of the time and it will be quite hard to navigate the server. Also seeing as there was previous talk of the rust map eventually being larger then the DayZ map which is huge this map is going to be extremely hard to navigate. Will there be a system to locate your friends easily? Will there be an interactive in game map? Will there be specific set spawns in “Safe Zones”? or will we just have to remember natural landmarks?

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You can discuss that in the thread where the discussion has already started.