My Ravenholm Themed Map

Hey everyone! I am in progress of a map that has a Ravenholm/City theme. This is my like 15th map or something. I ain’t that good at mapping.

But this is my best try. Just started tonight. So there isn’t that much to it.

I am hoping to add alot more to it.

Ravenholm is based on a small mining town …

/City :wink:

Where sir, did you get those street lamp models?


Looks too much like “Dead City” from L4D’s addon campaigns.

Meh. He’s my friend in real life. I’m pretty sure he’s never played it.

Photobucket :barf:

Yeah. I haven’t played that l4d campaign. I am adding more to it later

Ravenholm isnt a city its a small town

a map of Ravenholm

At the moment it just looks like a flat road with no curb and some blocks with window textures.

Ravenholm was very asymmetric IIRC

I’m sure he knows that, but what I read is he’s making a Ravenholm/City themed map, as in a Ravenholm styled city or a city styled Ravenholm.

exactly. I am glad someone knows what I am trying to do here.