My recompiled Alyx has white eyes, please help!lp

Hi everyone, after decompiling my CM7 Alyx into 3dmax and then legthening her top, i re-compiled her and all looks great in Gmod, except, her eyeballs are there with no pupils making her eyes look white. All other characters are fine. I’m so close, can someone help with this? I have the textures for eyeball and pupils in my materials folder and my mdl file references the eyeball texture. I’m stumped.

Why do you have two threads about the same issue

Hi, sorry, thought this one explained it a bit better. Will get to deleting the other one. It doesn’t seem like this issue is common, i have googled like crazy and come up with no answers.

Sorry, but does nobody know the solution to this?, it seems like it may be something so simple. I assume that when i import my SMD file into 3dsmax, i only need to import the main one, not the “phymodel” “ragdoll” and “expressions” files? Thanks.