My Reliant Robbin

Was only meant to be a joke lol but then I got the bug and had to sort of finish it, but at least it works now and has steering yay.



omg this car looks epic with you be uploading this on garrysmod anytime soon or is it just for you ownly


that was very pwnly
also center of gravity is very good and true to the leaders great car

The flipping action is so realistic…

Watch Top Gear, and you shall know what to do next.

I rather like it. Needs some better suspension to handle those turns though…

Now make it go into space…


[quote=“Cantido, post:9, topic:56843”]

Now make it go into space…


“I thought the robin was a good place to start because it was pointy at one end”… “Thats as far as I got with that”

Do it.

I say you should put those wings back on like you had on the amazing vehicle thread.

The funny thing bout the robin is that 3 wheels is technically more stable than 4, but they somehow (to ‘thin’ a triagle) managed to screw it up :-p

The trouble with the Robin I believe is that the centre of balance is off, they’re more stable when there’s a passenger because the distribution is more even.

it’s a reliant robin, it’s not supposed to handle turns.

Lol, that is true. :v:

haha very nice especially right after watching that Top Gear lol btw what map is that?


I liked the bit where it fell over.

(Edit, can someone PM me the name of that driving map please?)
(Edit v2, Derp. You know what to do.)

Look post above.