My Reskins and Skin Ports.

Well this thread for some reskins or skin ports that I do.

  1. Captain America (The Avengers) Reskin:
    Download -
    So this Captain America, but with a reskin I saw on Marvel Mods, I liked the skin so I extracted it from Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and then put the skin on Techknow’s model.

  2. Spider-Man (My custom version of him)
    Download -
    So this is pretty much a combination of Tobey Maguire’s Costume and Andrew Garfield’s.

I don’t think this really needed a thread, it’s just some textures put onto an already made model.

Where do I move this thread?

You can’t move threads, it’s going to stay here because you can’t delete it either.


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New Spider-Man skin! :smiley: