my review of rust

every time you play rust it will go the same way.

first, you open the game and choose a server. invariably, it will be nighttime on the server you join, and you can’t see shit. that’s ok though you take out your torch. 9 times out of 10 there will be another naked on the beach with you. you’ll think to yourself “surely they won’t attack me, after all im a naked like them what have they got to gain?” but no, like every rust player they’ll think “kill must kill have to kill no matter what” and start bashing you with their rock. after a few minutes of awkward laggy rock bashing with terrible hitboxes, you will invariably die.

but say there’s no other naked, you’ll go and look for a tree to get some wood. you’ll walk around with your torch for a few minutes and eventually spot a few trees across a very very small body of water. so you think “no problem ill just swim across”, but then you get in the water and something’s wrong. not only is it impossible to stay above the water, you will start to drown after being underwater for only a few seconds, and somehow water next to a fucking tropical beach is -30 degrees. at least your torch somehow works underwater.

so say you don’t die trying to cross the water, you’ll get to the trees and start bashing them with your stone to get some wood. but since you’re not holding your torch any more you can’t see shit. so you need to keep switching to your torch to make sure there isn’t any dangerous animals / other players nearby. by daytime you’ll have a few hundred pieces of wood and maybe some stone or ore as well. then you need to look somewhere to build a house. you’ll walk around for far too long looking for a place to build your house which isn’t near radiation, isn’t too cold, isn’t too visible, and isn’t next to a high level base. eventually you’ll find one, you make your blueprints and start building the foundations. surprise! you’ve run out of wood. so you go and spend the rest of your life cutting down trees nearby. eventually you’ll have enough wood for a simple house with storage boxes, a locked door, etc. by now its night but you have no sleeping bag, but thats ok you can look for some animals tomorrow.

by the next day, you’ll go outside and suddenly see a high level base near your house which you never saw before. that’s ok though because like all high level bases it seems to have nobody around. you decide to look around for animals because basically half of all crafting recipies require cloth. you’ll walk around for far too long again but then eventually you’ll find a horse or something. 9 times out of 10, you’ll also encounter half of the server. instead of going after each other because they obviously have more valuable gear, they all decide they want to kill the naked instead. they all shoot you far more times than necessary and you die.

but say there are no other players, and its just you and the animal. you’ll run up to the animal which seems to be completely oblivious, and hit it once. it will then run away much too quickly and disappear straight through the walls of a building or up an almost vertical cliff face. but say you catch up to the animal and it doesn’t run away because it’s ai is extremely laggy. the laggy movements and shitty hitbox make the animal impossible to kill and it runs away again. but you need that cloth so you chase it. you follow it into a huge villiage of high level mansions, and the owners are naturally very cross that you needed to cross into their entire half of the map for 3 seconds just to kill an animal, and decide to kill you.

but what if you kill the animal. you harvest it’s body and end up with some meat, bones, and a tiny amount of cloth. but now its getting late and you don’t want to be out at night in case you get one shotted from across the map because of your torch. the problem is you have no idea where you are, because 90% of the map looks the same and you invariably had to search the entire server to find an animal. you’ll spend the rest of the day looking for your house but never find it. then at night you won’t be able to see anything at all and you’ll need to get your torch out. 9 times out of 10 a hacker / really high level player sees a single orange pixel from their giant metal tower on the other side of the map and oneshots you.

but what if you decide not to get your torch out and stumble around in the darkness until morning. you’ll still be nowhere around your house, but after enough searching you will eventually find it. sure enough, because your house isnt huge with metal walls and 90 different code locked doors, you’ve been raided and lost all your stuff. the high level people you live near pop out of nowhere and kill you.

but say you haven’t been raided or the high level people next door don’t kill you, you’ll decide you’ve had enough and log out. when you log back in, you will almost certianly have been raided and killed.

“you’re just butthurt because you died”
yes, a negative experience prompted me to write a negative review. well done for figuring out how reviews work. its not that i died, its the way in which i died. i would be ok with it if i died for a valid reason, but just being new to the server and not having incredible luck are not valid reasons to die.

“you’re doing it wrong you need to play with 500 friends and for 72 hours straight”
if i play with friends, provided we manage to find each other on the map, we will experience the exact same problems. it might be better once we get decent stuff but thats basically impossible. its not to do with the amount of time i spend playing, its to do with luck and the nature of the game.

“you should go on a server with less people”
yes, im going to go on a laggy server with 8 hour ping which is down half the time because it’s running on the owner’s ex-gaming rig. basically any server is going to be too full or have annoying players unless it has a whitelist. and i don’t want to deal with any whitelisted server because the reqirements will always be ridiculous like “we are looking for very mature players so you have to be over 76, also you have to give the owner oral”. even if you magically meet the requirements you have to ask the owner to be on the whitelist and the owner has invariably since given up on the server because they were tired of being the only person they let on the whitelist.

Sounds like you’re way, way too picky and that a game like this (especially in early access) is just not for you.

fair review man, gotta love RUST.

Much objective.

Very review.


(User was banned for this post ("Really dumb old meme. Who even does this anymore..." - postal))

Hmm, all the things you talked about are one of the reasons why I love Rust. To me, that steep learning curve on how to survive is where Rust’s charm lies. Eventually you get to a point where you know exactly what you need to do to avoid those situations and some days I miss how hard Rust used to be.

And I usually play solo with an erratic schedule so this isn’t coming from someone in a big clan with nothing but time in their hands. To each their own, though.

Btw, I’m not including hackers. Find a community server with an active admin to get around that.

Make this into a video review.

Seriously though, keep playing and you’ll learn to overcome these problems as part of the game

Preach. My thoughts exactly

Totally agree. Reading the OP was amusing, but half the time I was thinking, “this thing he listed as a negative is why I play the game!”

Those early moments are full of learning. Water is cold at night, so you go around it. Twig mansions are vulnerable, so start with something defensible. Animals run faster than you, so approach them from an acceptable direction. It’s easy to get lost, so making a map is an early priority. Light is a bulls-eye at night, so use it sparingly. Darkness is dangerous and confusing, so make sure you’re in the right place at dusk. This list goes on and on.

You’re going to fail at Rust. A lot. But each time you fail, you learn something that you can improve on for next time. If you’re not the type of person who can learn and adapt, this is not your game.

Failing, improving and moving on to the next failure is the entire reason why I play Rust.

Nice words. This is exactly how I feel. I love the challenge. And my play hours are erratic too, especially with college semester restarting.

rust is a mean bitch, but you grow to love her.