My rips from UT and Crysis 1-2

I want upload some my rips this is not compiled, models in .obj and .smd format. I upload files on filehosting. This is modders only models.
Crysis 1-2 weapon models:
UT3 Scorpion:
Look at screenshots you can where: - if you dont know how to download from


cheesecurls Go to a and click in “Прикрепления” “numbers”.jpg like 2017107.jpg or 6506216.jpg and you see the screenshot.

Why don’t you upload them here instead?

Looks good to me :smiley:

Here you go.

Because I don’t know how upload screenshots.

Later I can upload weapons from UT3 all with animations, but this models need to be compiled.

That pistol looks nice…

Let’s hope these are the high resolution pack versions of the weapons because the other ones that were ported from crysis 2 earlier were really low resolution for the detail they tried to display.

Nice work!/Отлично сделано!

AlexZebol Спасибо, я скоро скину тут модели оружия с анимациями из Анрил Турнамент 3.Также могу скинуть и из УТ2004 но без текстур и звуков.

Weapons pack from UT3. (Modders only models, .smd)
Has a first-person (with all animations), third-person models, sounds and textures, but without hands, i upload it later, in UT3 hands and weapon is 2 independent models.
Weapon List:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:


You should try uploading the crysis vehicle models. And the props! This forum is in need of some good models! And thanks for porting!

Ignhelper, First I upload a vehicles pack from UT3, after this I maybe port some crysis vehicles, if program who I use open the vehicle models, this program don’t want see some Crysis 2 props(

And I can upload here weapons from MOH (not compiled yet).

I upload a Cicada from UT3:

Upload everything! Отличная работа!

Oh man, I hope someone looks at that link gun. Always wanted one of those bad boys.

There is a link gun in this pack but it might not have as nice shaders as the other one when(if) it gets finished.

Civil My pack has a first person models with animations, in pack on link just props, and I make screenshots from Milkshape 3d, milkshape doesn’t has any shaders. In my pack models is not compiled.

Can you port Crysis 2 View Model Hands ?

this thread should be in the models section not the garrys mod release section