My roleplay server dream

Alright, so picture this. A 15-slot DarkRP(An older version, not the new stuff updated by FPTJe), no extra addons, Toolgun capabilities, no prop protection but a Physgun and Toolgun Limiter and a seriously dedicated server.
The map would be Hometown 2000.
There would be no other job than Cop and Citizen.

How does this sound as a server? I’d love to see my idea come to fruition someday.
Feel free to post your roleplay server dreams, or just comment on mine.

It sounds kinda… Well. Boring. I mean no other jobs then Cop and citizen? Thats kinda bland. i mean there would be no realisticness to it! No Theifs and stuff strealing peoples things, Gun Delaers ETC.

:siren::siren:NEED MOAR CRIME!:siren::siren:


I’m pretty sure this exists somewhere.

Admins would probably have to be the gun dealers and shit, without guns it would get bland.

I see what your trying to do you are trying to recreate GMOD 9. I just got Gmod 9 when they created Gmod 10 so jI really dont know.

Actually, who needs specific classes for a thief, when a normal citizen can, with patience and good RP on the part of himself and the ‘victim’ of the crime, actually achieve the same rewards that a ‘thief’ class can.

On the issue of gundealers, why not just an NPC gundealer, which, in the map you suggested, is pretty easy to do.

This is what is on my server, people love it!

You just described HL2DM RP to a tee, without the prop spawn and tool gun of course!
To be horribly honest it still kicks any GmodRP’s ass. Though you should have atleast 32 slots, 15 ppl is really kinda drab.

But …Still … Think about the extra addons? like Lockpick and such?:eng101: I dnt know thogh. Correct me if im wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

You sir, Are a complete fool, and a mingebag non-roleplayer at that.

Sounds great, however a few tips:

A gun dealer is necessary, you said that there could be a gundealer NPC, however:

  • The whole fun about Roleplaying is that there are no NPCs - having a gundealer played by a “real person” makes it dynamic - for example, he can decide to raise or lower the prices, he can do discounts, he can decide not to sell guns to you because you killed his friend, he can scam you, he can ask you to work for him, he can be robbed, etc.
  • Also, I don’t even think it’s possible to add an NPC just as easily like that. Amirite?

About the lack of mafias - I completely agree.
You don’t have to belong to the mafia to commit crimes.
You can be an “evil citizen” just as you could be an “evil cop” that would help the “evil citizens” or blackmail people.

About the lack of addons - I do not completely agree.
As previously stated, some addons ARE necessary, such as lockpick for example.
Without lockpick, it means that only cops (or only chief of police, if you considered that) can unlock your door - it kinda leaves the “bad guys” with no options, because they can’t break into anywhere. The best they can do is aim a gun at a citizen and say “Unlock your door or you die”, which in response he will probably say “Screw you, I’m not unlocking this door and you will never get in”.

I liked the fact there is no prop protection, and that there’s limited physgun - I think it’s a great idea and will definitely stop prop blockers. Some people might say “Nooo but people will ruin my tower that I just built!”, but it’s ok because this is Roleplay, not Sandbox.

This sounds pretty good, I’m just wondering, is this only your “dream” or are you gonna put it into action by getting a server?

This is my final version of DarkRP ever released (the last 2.2)

It should still work very well and is mostly solid.

Well, first I’d have to get the money together, which would be kind of hard seeing as I’m stuck with a slow satellite connection. I used to have DSL, and I’ll probably be getting that back soon enough.
Also, doesn’t DarkRP come with a lockpick? I could just get my friend to modify it to the point where it could be bought, but at a steep price.
When I said no extra addons, I was simply talking about no PHX3, Wire or PCMod. Whenever I’d browse for servers, I’d have to wait 30-40 minutes to simply download all of the addons, only to see an eye-raping amount of ERRORs. Blarg.
Also, with that Gundealer thing, I agree with Spacewolf. I’d only let my admins be Gundealers.

I don’t understand.

Sorry to tell you that, but that’s not the server’s fault, that’s your fault.

PHX and Wire are essential addons for Garry’s Mod.
As far as I see it, if you don’t have PHX and Wire in your addons folder, you don’t have Garry’s Mod.
You can’t say “I have to wait 30-40 minutes before I join a server and then all I see is errors”. That’s your fault - all you have to do is download PHX and Wire, it takes something like 10 minutes, and you will never see errors again (considering you own CS:S).

The server SHOULD have PHX and Wire, any server without these is, simply put, primitive.
It makes everything easier - YES, even in an RP server.

100% Agree. PHX and Wire are not needed, they make people uncreative. Many people just make an E2 to do all their stuff, where I think that a interesting contraption would be much cooler.

EG : A friend of mine, and I made an AWESOME art museum full of interactive art in a RP. It was easy.

Wire shouldn’t be on any real RP server, period.

As far as I see it, Wire should be on an RP server, but limited of course.

Obviously you’re not gonna give E2 to people on the server, and you’re not gonna give them hoverdrive :wink:

But you should let them use stuff like wired buttons, wired hydraulics, etc.
People can create more complex stuff using wire (for example, gun dispensers, etc)…

I’d rather have Wire on a server than Connas Tools, Connas stuff is just too simple, and can be used for grieving so easily. With Wire I can actually make a shop dynamic, so when I close and lock the door, the lights go out, the sign says “Closed” and the alarm arms, whereas Connas stuff is usually limited to a fading door (which is really only useful for Kiosks), and the pressure pad (still requires precious numpad keys).

My opinion on this? The best roleplay server would be a sandbox server with people you KNOW can RP, you use your imaginations, using props already there and life not centering around money or stats. The admin can act as a “GameMaster” like in other RPG games, now THAT would be my roleplay server dream.

I’ve never seen a use for fading door stool other than minges making impenetrable forts.