My roleplay story

It was a hot summer’s day in Downtown_v2. It always was. Our apartment was in the center of town, over looking the Mayor’s fountain memorial. You could see every building down the main road from here; The garage, the shops, the warehouse. Our apartment was next door to a rundown hotel. A place that we would hear fights, smashing and even gun fire emanating from through the paper thin, blood stained walls.

It was scarcely decorated. Then again we had no need for material objects, not were we where going. A TV. A guitar. Even a bed was just another thing we’d be leaving behind in a matter of hours. Although it’s not like we had enough money between us to spawn a wooden crate. The little money we did have was for the payload. And we believed far too much in the cause to squander it on a chair or a table.

We’d stay up all night, planning, reminiscing, and laughing. It was oddly freeing knowing that we where going to die soon. The hard work we’d put in over MSN and Steam chat was coming to a head. The plans of buying guns and finding loop holes in the spawn menu where all playing out better than expected. Here is our story.

1950 Hours.

I was already in the apartment when Cal respawned. He had been out trying to find a gun to set off the explosive barrels we where going to plant in the mayors office, however a mingebag in a car ran him down as he was crossing the street. With the pawn shop being locked down by dodgy Gun dealers, we had very little chance of buying a gun legally, since we had no time to befriend the demented, power hungry 12 year olds that are Gun dealers. Cal had no choice but to join the Police force. This was a sure-fire way to get a weapon and even gain access to the mayors office, however smuggling myself and Misery would prove tricky without weapons.

Cal went out to feign police work as Misery came home. After he dumped some babies in the bathtub, we the left apartment together Squeezing passed doors in the narrow hallways we could hear gun fire from outside. OCC chat told us that the local gangsters where aparently killing citizens as a bid for power. The moment we stepped out of the lobby doors, it became clear that the police force was spread so thin, our stunt might not get the attention it deserves. A young player by the name of “nobody” approached us. We where already nervous about the next few hours, we didn’t need to be dragged into this turf war.

2010 Hours.

Little did we know, Nobody was about to help us more than we could have imagined. Since we where disguised and fellow civilians he immediately thought we where allies.

“Do you guys want guns?” he said through the mic.
“Totally” I typed back, half-way between not believing him and praying he was being sincere. He told us of the local gang war, and said that if we helped him kill the gangsters, he’d give us his guns. Misery and I had no intention of helping the civilians of Downtown out of anything, but this was an offer we couldn’t refuse. After we agreed, Nobody pulled a crate from no where. In my haste and delight, I ran towards it, knocking it into the sewer below through the open man hole.

The next 5 minutes was spent racing through the subway to get to the guns. Going deeper and deeper, through doors and rooms that had never seen the light of day untill we all ended up in 2 meters of water. These putrid tunnels where dimly lit and where like a labyrinth, however we all knew our way to the clearing in the sewer were the guns had fallen. We’d been here thousands of times before. We’d lived down here when we were hard on our luck, we’d hidden here to escape the police, we’d even cooked up with drug labs and printed money down here. This was the closest thing to home, but as we got ever closer to the guns, we where thinking of the fastest route out.

2015 Hours.

All three of us, Misery, Nobody and myself where carrying Five Sevens now. Nobody was babbling on and on about how we where going to follow him to the surface and attack the gangsters at the pawn shop. I had no intention of hurting this man after he had been so compassionate, so I was half entertaining the idea of helping him. At that second I got a Steam message from Misery; “Bail.”.

By the time I had pressed Ctrl and Tab to read the message he was half way up the ladder and out of the sewer. Nobody cried out “Hey, where are you going!?” and began to follow him. I ran the opposite way. Within 30 seconds I was out by the abandoned trains, alone and on my way to the mayors office on top of the police station.

2020 Hours.

Misery was already at the door. Waiting patiently for Cal to let him in. We stood by that door for a good 2 minutes watching people walk by. No one had any idea of the horrors we where about to bring to their server. Medics walked by asking for customers. Builders placed askew pieces of wood on top of each other to sell to the homeless. They where playing peacefully, until, at the bottom of the road a car sped round the fountain and began speeding towards us. It was an odd thing seeing a car on such a small map. it took up the entire road and was trashing everything in its path, whether player or prop.

I pulled out my gun and shot rounds of in the air, but it was too late. I saw Misery jump to safety but the car had taken me out. As my screen dyed red, the only thought I had in my head was the gun.

2024 Hours.

I respawned unarmed. From now on I’d have to stick close to either one of my team mates and pray we didn’t get split up. I made the 20 second journey to the station to see my two cohorts waiting outside. It was time.

2025 Hours.

Cal opened the doors and we stepped into the station. It was empty. Not even prisoners in the cells. Although this was a good thing at the moment, we would need as many people in the building as possible to make the biggest impact. We made our way up the flights of stairs, our hearts in our mouth. Misery kept his gun pointed out front and Cal covered the back.

Once we made it to the top floor Cal opened the mayors office to let me in While he and Mis stayed on look out at the staircase. I stood on the desk and planted as many Explosive barrels as I could fit onto the floor. It was set. All we needed now was an audience. We waited for what felt like the longest time up there. Just waiting for anyone to not only come into the station, but up the 2 flights of stairs. Gazing out the window we could see the police had their hands full with rouge gun dealers and a car driving along the streets. One of us would have to be bait.

Before I could put an argument in that I didn’t have a gun, Misery jolted down the stairs. Me and Cal looked at each other for a beat and ran into the back room to see if we could see the chaos through window at the back, which looked out over the fountain. Nothing.

Seconds later gun shots could be heard. Then even more. He had began to come under fire himself. Nothing could still be seen from the window but the gun fire was still going on and on, each bang getting louder than the last. At least that meant he was attracting attention. Cal looked to me. He knew this was the last time we’d be alive in the same room together. No words where exchanged, he just passed me his gun and ran down the stairs to help Misery.

I walked slowly over to the Mayors office. The room brimming with litres of compact death. The gun shots where getting louder and more frequent. they must have been only a floor below me. I made my way over the barrels and back onto the table, closing the door behind me. And there I stood. Alone In a 10 x 10 room, on a desk, surrounded by explosive barrels. This was to be my tomb.

Atleast 20 seconds passed before Misery burst through the door, throwing himself over the barrels and getting behind me on the table. Out the door I could see Cal, he was surround by police. “Do it now!” he screamed over the text chat. I took one last deep breath, aimed the gun at the barrel closes to the door and squeezed the left mouse button.

How much time you were writing this ?

you dont squeeze the mouse :open_mouth:
but this story was interesting :smiley: i want to play rp now thanks to you ^^

Actually not that long. Wrote it almost immediatly after I finished up on the server. Probably about an hour.

Artistic. That`s a role player.

Why the hell did you want to blow up the station?

Omg ! It was awesome … :stuck_out_tongue:

Liked your story, must point something out though, it’s were not where

wow your a good writer !

awesome. :smiley:

Great story, makes me wish my gmod worked, brush up on making thinks coherent, i lost the story a few times. Great overall