My RP Story

This was inspired by another guys story (dunno his name)



As i released my knife from the neck it just cut, All burdens were lifted, All nightmares lost, my mission was done.



I was at my apartment on the third floor of a rundown complex, plaster basically shredding off the walls. The civil protection team had stormed in the bottom floor and i could hear them scrambling angrily through the small door at the bottom of the staircase; the lift being out of order. As they reached the door, one officer shouted for me to stand clear, and then they blasted it open. My friend was unaware of there business and started hiding everything, thinking it would be stolen. But the alien voice scratched out an order, an order that would change my life for ever.


As i watched my friend laying on the floor I knew I had to avenge him, but something was stopping me from moving as if i were welded. The rage began to build up in me, and as i broke this frozen stance i let out a cry.

I picked up my TV and launched it through the window, severely wounding a soldier. Jumping out the window I could see that my friend was running past the civil protection laughing at there problem in which angered them, so he began to run. I landed on the ground with a severe pain going throughout me, but I was OK enough to evade the C.P’s swipe of the stunstick. Me and my friend (Robin) ran as fast as our legs would take us, until we entered the subway.

I grabbed a bin and placed it at the base of the stairs, one soldier immediately tripping over it. This caused a block and me and my friend were able to gain a gap, and escape.


After successfully creating our stronghold, me and robin PMed NeX- Who at the time was a Rebel Leader; as we were to join his fight. We told him how they killed robin and how we escaped, he was intrigued and immediately gave us the job, in which sparked attention.


We had met up with NeXiTur and were given AK47’s with precisely 160 rounds each, the base being the Yellow NP factory. We regularly had CP officers knocking on the door, but our undercover rebel (disguised as cook) was there to usher them off, no matter their need. We discussed our plans to overthrow the Police, but none of them had true potential. But as i sat there, staring at the openness of the warehouse, Hearing every word echo relentlessly. I came up with a plan.


After gathering enough people to fight along side us, we set up and readied our weapons: I was equipped with a knife and an AK47. Robin with a Glock18 and SPAS12. We entered the subway system for the second time, and later gained entry to the sewers. The pungent smells of excrete and waste filled the air, and poisoned the smell receptors in my nose. Our mission was simple, our surveillance team would monitor the movements and war tactics of the CP. Once mastered our offense team (Robin, Me, NeX) would move in and attack.


Once we had travelled through the sewer system we arrived at the underground entrance of a club. This was our perfect time to get the CP’s blood boiling.

Our Surveillance team spotted all CP entering the pawn. Meaning a 30 second travel Max, giving us the time to build small defences

We readied our guns and stormed in, we told all the inhabitants to leave, and we set up our defences. I placed my final blockade when something… terrible, happened. The door burst open and we heard shots. But the shots came from behind us, and that meant they had a unit following us. We were Sandwiched between the two units. I looked to the left and found robin vigorously reloading his SPAS. I lifted up my weapon and shot blind fire, little knowing all my shots missed. From over the barricade a CP came, he jumped over and shot me in the chest. As I let out a desperate cry several bullets entered his armour sending him to the floor.

My health was low and I was bleeding out, but to make matters worse my AK ammo was depleted. I quickly changed weapons, scrolling past the keys and pocket weapons until I reached the knife. As the sharp, shiny object stood in front of me, I felt anger within me. Without any calculation i threw it, my throw was bad and it went to the right of the CP, but my luck took a unknown turn when NeX sent a shot that forced the knife straight into the leg of the last CP.


As I got up after being greatly healed. I collected my knife and placed it upon this helpless CP’s Neck…

It’s good a really good mix of real life, and then it slowly churns into it being a game, I really like it!

Thanks. Me being only 12 im very proud of my creative writing skills :S

Yeah, if you’re 12 and you’re writing like that, you’ve got a really good future m8.

Get the hell out Deutsch.

lolflame, and talk about random. All I did was compliment the guys writing, are you jealous of him?

What did he do? Give constructive support on an interesting story? Will you please learn to stop starting these flame wars, and post something actually useful. You tried starting a flame war from my general statement in another thread, and now you’re starting a random flame war with Deutsch in this thread.

OP, very interesting read! Really takes great creativity to make a story such as this!

Thanks Guys, im really pleased that this has so much fans! oh and zambies, you can suck dick because your comment was uncalled for and very unnecessary

Why do all RP stories involve someone going Rebel and shooting at metrocops?

Makes good stories :smiley:

So, any suggestions for the next story (if i ever make one)

I challenge you to make a story that is exciting without involving violence :saddowns:

Do you also challenge him to a duel?

Emotes at dawn.

Shweet, btw great story man, you’ve got a good career ahead of you.

Thanks, i never really considered myself good at english but this, this seems like i might ACTUALLY have some sort of talent for it.

I’ll give you some tips, instead of i use I or anything which is a name of something put a capital on it like English or America, even commas and fullstops, but you did fairly good on that, but yeah man, keep trying.

Thanks I’ll bear that in mind

i don’t think you understand what he’s getting at here,

lol woopses


Anyway, how about you guys post your OWN stories?