My rust crashes(my character stands still, but for the other players or things, for me not)

As the title says , I think that they should not support because once I enter the server, after 5-10 minutes, the rust , not passing him I just stood in one place, and even run, for the other players I stopped, causing me to kill faster and besides, I never know when it 's going to break the game , that’s not all , after I kill but relive the game returns to normal, but then returned the countdown begins to that crashes the game. I’ll give you some things that may guide them more :
•- The antivirus when I minimize the game, is yellow , meaning that there is something in the game
•- Before I minimize the game says : destroying mod
•- My ping : -169 , one day I get to 209 but I do not think it’s such a high ping
•- I have the worst resolution in the game ( fastest and worst quality in the world)

I did a test to see if it was the internet connection but the problem keeps happening the same, the time the game crashes is the same even if I have open facebook or youtube

Sorry for my English , if this time wrote well, thank you , forgive me if not thanks for reading this mensaje.I know it’s an alpha game but my friends do not pass them these problems.Thanks for reading