My Rust DONT runs on my iMac late 2013 i7

Hey guys,

i can’t play rust for a few weeks on my iMac with an Intel i7 Processor.

When the game starts i can normally walk and after a few seconds it crashes and i can’t do anything else than close it.
I already tried grass.on false.

i would be pleased if you can help me.

Thank you

I still can’t run it on my Mac either. Most of the time the map doesn’t load all the way and gets stuck still on “Waiting for Character” even though I’ve tried turning down the graphics all the way…

Is this issue even still on the radar at all for the devs? Would be great to be able to play a game I paid for…

Take a look here and you’ll see that OSX problems are being worked on in addition to what else they are working on.

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One thing I see suggested is playing the game in windowed mode and lowering the rendering quality.

There’s a thread for stuff like this. Use it:

Oh, and you probably shouldn’t read any of the stuff i wrote below. I just write stupid sh*t like that because it pisses me off that people actually waste their money bying a mac. Anyways, don’t read it. It’s just gonna offend a bunch of people… I should probably just delete it, shouldn’t i? Yeah, i should. I’m not gonna do that though.

  1. Mac… Thats half the problem right there. Oh, and it proves that you are going to burn in hell. I don’t really believe in a thing such as “hell” so i wouldn’t take that as much of an insult though.
  2. iMac… Proof that intelligence is a part of you. Its basically any other mac (Exact same software and hardware), its just not portable.
  3. The main problem here is probably your specs. What GPU and how much RAM have ya got? And what 'bout your CPU clock speed and version? You telling us that its an i7 says pretty much nothing about your computer.

I just realized that the link i posted may not be for these kinds of problems, but i still think that you should take a look for a solution there.

Apple iMac 27"
3,5 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 Prozessor
32 GB 1600 MHZ DDR3 SDRAM - 4x 8 GB

as a windows user

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It’s up to the developer to ensure that their software works on the platforms they claim it will work on. Apple is not at fault here. There’s nothing wrong with Apple computers. They use PC hardware now (no more Power PC CPUs) and their OS is solid (Unix based).

Until this issue is resolved, I recommend setting up a Windows partition through boot camp for playing this game. Download a Windows 7 image and buy a licence key online to make it legit. You can get a Window 7 Home or Pro key for like $40~.

i installed windows 7 with bootcamp but when i start windows i can’t login because my mouse and keyboard don’t works? Fuck :smiley:

Oh. Are they the wireless bluetooth ones? Do you have any USB ones laying around? Even ones from another computer will work even if it’s a PC. If not, they are super cheap at stores. You can get the bluetooth devices synced up once you’re in the OS.


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It’s hilariously sad that you have the audacity be toxic against people who use different hardware to you, and that you out of nowhere feel the need to express that you don’t believe in Christianity.

27" Imac
3.4 Ghz Intel Core i5
24 GB DDR3
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M 2048 MB graphics

Same issue as above.

This is happening in not only Mac, but Linux too.

Hey guys! I am also playing on iMac (Late 2011 with i5).

I was struggling with the same problem until i’ve lowered graphic setting. Game was always crashing or freezenig while loading while playing on 1920x1080 - with mid settings. Try configuration 1280x720 with lowest graphic option - then after launching the game go into Options > Graphics and put the Quality bar to the left.

Enjoy the game.

I know it looks like a “sh**t” but as pre - alpha is much better than nothing. And it’s still playable :slight_smile: