My RUST Dream!

RUST- Awsome things that Garry should add!

  • There is a lot of land past Resource Valley where nothing Spawns (wood, rock piles, towns) We need more
    e places to explore and Adventure!

-Lakes, Rivers, etc. aquatic wildlife would be an awsome thing! (think of having to build a bridge to get to a NEW place!)

  • More Caveman like things, Spears, Knives, that would be cool.

-SINGLE PLAYER MODE, it would be nice if i could control not for all my stuff to be deleted (Wiped) and more for the PVE person, i would never have to worry about other people

-Character customization

  • Bigger Towns


  1. wrong forum :
  2. no ideas here that havent already been discussed/requested, some even already mentioned as being implemented in the future.