MY RUST IDEA'S hope garry see's this

1.instead of chicken’s-there should be turkeys,grouse & pheasant’s

2.feathers from the birds can be used for arrow’s ect.

3.metal arrow’s

4.deer antlers can be used to make the bow & or a better one “bone bow”

5.wild boars are “very” aggersive and there tusk’s can be use to make “spears”

6.small swamps with knee high water around the map where you can hunt alligators to make reinforced armor along with big rattle snakes make something from the venom and put rattler on bow for looks.but the snakes can bite and poision

7.when you kill and animal,have to oppition to make a rug outa the skin for you house or ect.
8.just a dot for the bow crosshair be able to camafluge your base with tree branches

10.panters and mountain lions

11.plants to make medicine out of

12.creeks running threw certain area’s that you can catch crawfish and also fish

13.metal fragments to make arrowheads

14.different tree types oakk,cedar,pine,hickory,berch-so depending on the wood type it’s harder to break ect.

15.turttle shells to make a water container where you can usethe creek/streams to fill up

16.metal storage box’s

17.fruit tree’s apples,lemons,oranges along with wild mushrooms,carrots,potatoes,onions & ‘ramps’ which is atype of radish to make stronger health sources instead of health kits there for called "SOUP’

18.have seasons
every 5 days go threw a different season

19.zombies are extremly aggresive

  1. thicker grass and way more trees in certain area’s