My Rust install is completely broken

Hey folks!

I gotta say that I need someone’s help.
Though I could resolve this problem by myself but it seems like I can’t.

I tryed verifying my Rust’s cache integrity, I resinstalled Rust, and nothing helps.

The problem is that I only find 100 servers or so, and I can’t manage to connect to any of them. (No special error, just connexion error)
I can’t refresh the list, nor nothing.

I tryed the dev version, I found 0 servers.

So I switched back to the regular one and I still can’t manage to connect lol.

Btw sometimes clicking on “Exit” makes the whole game crash.

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help haha!

If you are running a firewall, turn it off and try refreshing the server list. It is also possible that you have a strict NAT running on your router causing only some servers to show up.

Problem solved, thanks buddy.

For the solution, my router’s firewall was blocking everything. I activated it yesterday, never been using it, I always prefered using Windows’ one.