My Rust Love Story.

One day, I met a magical object named, Rock. She was so kind, loving and highly soft, everyday I would take her down to the nearest lake and rinse her off just so she was clean for the day. We would sit there for hours on end, wondering maybe we could make more of what we were already, could we one day get married? Were their a possibility of one day taking the next step? I began to look at Rock, and I saw what I truly desired, not an armored door, not an assault rifle, not even infinite cargo drops. I saw Rock. Rock makes my heart shine like the sun in the apocalyptic world.

That night, I placed Rock down on my sleeping bag, I scurried over to the large chest I had created not 15 hours earlier, I turned around to find Rock lying their looking almost magical, the moon’s light shining of her like a diamond. I walked with love and haste over to Rock, I looked at her and she looked at me. It was love, I suddenly started rubbing the center of Rock, “So smooth” I said to my self, it was as if I had fallen in to the dream world, I had never seen Rock look so beautiful. We lay down on the cargo sleeping bag and just looked at each other, I began to feel really, sexual.
10 minutes later I was out of breath, knowing that after all the ‘Hard’ work, it had finally payed off. Me and Rock did it, “We did it!” I cried. Without warning I fell asleep knowing that one thing on my before I die list could be ticked off.

I woke up the next morning to find Adam and Bradley, both of which were staring through the open gap in my wooden wall. Straight away I jumped up out of bed, I had no clothes which was normal. I walked over the door and I allowed them to walk into my home. Bradley, who was a normal visitor to my shack said “Why is your Rock in your sleeping bag?” I didn’t know how to respond, so I said “I was scared, I heard footsteps” Bradley glanced at me with fierce eyes for a moment, only to back away and say “Okay!”… “Phew” I said in my mind, I don’t know what I would have done if he found out. Then their was Adam, who like normal thought it would be appropriate to draw inappropriate pictures on my canvases he was a fellow neighbor who lived just east from me, we had a good connection along with brad. He ran out of my house, which was expected Adam was always quite the random one, He hasn’t spoke a word it over 2 weeks, sometimes we had to use sign language because he forgot what words meant. Bradley, turned to me and told me of the recent events that had transpired at his old settling area and told me he was going to move into our range, which I thought was awesome, he said ‘Bye’ and left. I turned around and their was Rock, who like normal looked luxurious.

Later that day I figured I would take Rock to the lake, I sat down and washed her smooth center and placed her on the leather I had recently harvested a couple of hours earlier. We lay down on the sand and looked at the sky, the day was beautiful the sound of banging filled the sky as Bradley was breaking trees to gather the wood for his home. I looked at Rock and I knew it was that time. I stood up, dried the sweat of my bald hair and I said "Miss. Rock, will you make me the happiest guy in the world, she didn’t reply, which I knew meant yes. Out of excitement I jumped in the air five times until I thought “I can’t wait”, so we got married then and their at the lake, that night I settled down to the meat I had also harvested from the bear I killed that day, of course it was cooked. After eating I felt sleepy so I grabbed Mrs. Rock and I put her in my sleeping bag and we went to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up to a horrific sight. Mrs. Rock was gone! I looked everywhere around my shack, she wasn’t their. I ran out to Bradley’s home banging on his door as hard as I could and said “Have you seen Mrs… I mean my Rock?” He looked at me and said “No, do you want to use mine?” I looked at him, with tears in my heart wanting to beat him with my torch but I said “No, it’s alright, I will continue to look” He just didn’t understand my love for her. I then went to Adam’s home, passing by I saw his window shutters were open so I looked inside, on his bed I couldn’t believe my eyes, their he was… Sleeping with Mrs. Rock. My emotions were building up inside me. My adrenaline was pumping, my mind was gauging I ran to his door and I broke my way in, I ran into his bedroom to find him looking spooked I looked and I said “What are you doing with Mrs. Rock! Who do you think you are” Just noticing I had revealed my secret I went quite, he looked at me… Silence, I began to cry, when suddenly he said “Mrs. Rock mine now” I tried to hit him, I failed and was pushed out of his window, I ran home and just cried. That night I was going mad, in the corner I was, thinking. Thinking about revenge when suddenly I found I had a torch in my hand, I ran over to Adam’s house and shouted “This is for Mrs. Rock!” I threw my torch which was set alight and within seconds Adam’s house was engulfed in flames! I started to laugh with a slight hint of madness, when all of a sudden, I thought my eyes deceived me. I saw… Adam with Mrs. Rock outside, their was Adam, skin hanging off and blood dripping out of his body, he had a stone pickaxe. Just before he died he shouted “If Adam can’t have, no one can have!” He started beating Mrs. Rock, ‘Bang!’ was I could hear, I ran and speared Adam off of Mrs. Rock, I saw her, so beautiful she was but not in one piece she was in 200 pieces, Her once smooth center had become riddled with cracks and bumps, I cried, knowing that I will never see Mrs. Rock again.

Finally, Adam had moved on to the other side, but also had Mrs. Rock I took her remains to the lake, where I sat and placed her remains on the leather I had harvested for her, after saying my goodbyes I let her float down the river, I went home to find Bradley standing in his window, he seem confused I said nothing and just went inside.

Bradley never knew why Aaron had burned down Adam’s house and treated the Rock like his wife, but Bradley knew that things would never be the same again.

RIP Mrs. Rock :’(

Well that’s one way to be crazy

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